Few Tips on Selecting A Picture

Picture frames multi colored

A picture can tell your readers or even explain things that can’t be put into words. Images help your visitors connect and feel comfortable on your site. If you are a blogger or a website designer and you think you can get away with choosing just any image and get good reviews, then you are wrong. You are sharing the picture with a highly mature internet audience who can identify an irrelevant, low-quality image. A bad image choice has the potential to ruin your website in a lot of ways.


Basis of Selection


  • Quality
    Large, pixel perfect and high-resolution images always work the best. Your image quality must be spot on. Your design concept determines the size of the image but that doesn’t mean that you have to reduce the quality if the concept determines a low size image. The size just needs to be enough to make an impact. It must look appealing and professional in the sense that your viewers must think that you didn’t just choose a random image related to the website.
  • Relevance
    Your image must be relevant to the content. Keeping an irrelevant picture on your site is like cheating your readers. This will create a huge negative impact towards your website. So always keep the image relevant.
  • Color
    Colors can have a huge impact on the image. Colors have a psychological effect on people. For example, blue symbolizes high quality, purple symbolizes luxurious, green symbolizes eco-friendly. So, if you want your readers to feel a certain type of emotion, a certain type of image with a certain powering color can do it.
    Roses dyed many colors and tightly packed together
  • Call to Action
    Call to action basically means actionable or intractable. Input actionable images on your website, the kind that persuades a visitor to take action. This ensures that the image plays a tangible role on your website rather than just improve the visuals. For example, the picture is given below.
  • Powerful
    A picture can be power in the sense that, the raw power of the image holds the reader’s attention, keeps them engaged and makes them want to know more about it. You will need a very powerful content too which shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the powerful picture. Both should be kept in a balance.
  • Replace Text
    There are a lot of text-heavy pages. The text is a good read but only going through the text isn’t a very fun experience.A yellow neon light saying " go up and never stop" on a black backgroung.
    Using images in such a way can impact a reader in such a way that only texts will never.
  • People
    Putting pictures of people can lead to getting better reviews of your website. However, avoid using common stock photos of people. If the reader finds out that you are using a stock picture then it can have an opposite effect. It will show that your page lacks credibility. People are always looking for authenticity. You should make your visitors believe that the pictures are of real people that are somehow associated with your business. Taking pictures of people yourself is highly recommended.
  • Effort
    You won’t always be able to able to take pictures yourself or create your own images. Sometimes you will be forced to use free images. Choosing the perfect image will be tough. You will have to go through dozens of images before finding the right one. So it will take up a lot of effort.
    A library filled with books
  • Importance
    Images are a decorative element but that doesn’t mean that they should be only used as decoration. Be sure to input the image that will conceptualize the content itself. Give images the importance it deserves.


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