Complete HVAC Digital Marketing Guide

Complete HVAC Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketing is a crucial marketing strategy for HVAC which must be implemented in 2018 because digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. Digital marketing enables you to interact with a large audience in real time and is more efficient. The number of internet users has been going up higher. This Complete HVAC Digital Marketing Guide will help you get into the digital world of HVAC.

Complete HVAC Digital Marketing Guide

Here are some crucial aspects of Digital Marketing For HVAC companies.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here we will talk about SEO specifically for HVAC companies but before that, if you are new to search engine optimization, we have a Simple Introduction to Search Engine Optimization.


The first thing is that you need a blog. A common misconception is that Google ranks websites. That isn’t the case. Google ranks web pages and not the whole website. The number of content on your webpage is also a ranking factor. The more content you write, the higher the chance of your webpage getting ranked higher. Blogging is a good way to gain traffic. You get more readers to visit your website through blogs and hence promote your products and services.

Remember to post content that helps your readers and try to gain their trust through this. What happens is, they’ll trust your content and hence, you. They will check your products and services if they are planning to get HVAC services.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to optimizing your website to generate traffic from places near your business’s location. For example, if a customer from New York searches “HVAC services near me,” then Google will show him/her HVAC service providers from his/her area i.e. New York, on the top.

Here we have 3 ways you can improve your Local SEO easily.

  1. NAP Consistency. NAP refers to Name, Address, and Phone number. Make sure you have got this information up to date on your website and are the same all across the web.
  2. Directories. You need to get yourself listed on directory sites to improve your Local SEO. This shows Google’s crawlers that your NAP information is accurate and hence more likely to show up in search results when users from that specific area searches for the services. Not just that but directories are good places where you can get reviews for your business. Some examples of directories are Yelp, Foursquare, Hot Frog, Best of Web, etc..
  3. Social Media. You need a Facebook page. Do not think that your company is not good enough to be on Facebook. Facebook Pages allow you to show Google Crawlers your accurate business location, what your hours are and what services you provide. Facebook pages are also a good place to get reviews. We all know how crucial reviews are. Facebook will also act as a medium through which people can ask you about your services and know more about your business. This boosts user confidence in your business.


  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is basically paying a certain amount of money each time one of your ads is clicked. Basically, there are two mediums where you can use PPC. Search engines and Social Media.

Search engines put your website on the top of search results for certain search phrases. Organic results for HVAC websites i.e. traffic from search engines without using PPC has dropped by 15% lately. Hence you need to invest in PPC ads on search engines for more traffic.

Usually, in social media, ads are shown on the side and you pay per click. However, there’s more. There is boosting on social media which is talked below. There is also CPM which means cost per thousand impressions. Basically, you pay social media for each 1000 person they show your ad to.

How much to invest on PPC depends upon you. How much are you willing to spend for a single sale? Some people say that PPC doesn’t work for small businesses but that isn’t the case. PPC works, you just need to find out in which medium, PPC works for you. For this, you will have to test it. Usually, Social Media PPC works for HVAC more than Search Engine PPC.


  • Responsiveness

Your website must be responsive to all devices. A huge majority of people use mobile phones to purchase services or make inquiries.You need to give your viewers a good user experience. Give special attention to making your website more mobile friendly since Google algorithm has put Mobile Friendliness as a ranking factor since April 21, 2016.

Your conversion rate will increase if your website is fully responsive on all devices and user-friendly.


  • Load Time

Following up Responsiveness is Load Time. Users do not like waiting for your page to load. It must be quick! If your page takes too long to load, users will end up closing it before they even view the contents inside. First of all, this is a bad user experience. Secondly, this increases the bounce rate (users visiting your page and leaving without completing any action i.e clicking on anything else in a short time) and Google will not rank your pages higher if the bounce rate is too high.


  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best ways to increase engagement and promote your services. It creates a medium through which you can talk to customers in real time and help out with any inquiries. This helps you gain people’s trust. However, if you are new to social media marketing, you might have some problems. So, below we have some tips on social media marketing.

  1. Optimize your page. Social Media will have different ways to optimize your page. For example, in Facebook, you can optimize it by adding your location, number, product details, call to action buttons and so on.
  2. Use Hashtags. Hashtags work as labels/topics for your post. For example, if you use “#HVAC” and your page is a good one with lots of engagement, chances are when a user searches for HVAC on social media, yours will rank higher. Use them to the fullest.
  3. Link Posting. At the end of every post, be sure to post your website link. Even if it’s a little amount, people will click on that link and you will generate traffic on your website.
  4. Engagement. Make sure people engage on your page. Engagement is must if you want a good social media page. This can be done using various strategies. For example, on your Facebook page, provide giveaways. “2 lucky winners get 5$ Apple Store Gift Cards. All you have to enter the giveaway is like our page, like this post, comment how you found us and share the post! Winner will be announced next week.” The more engagement you are gonna get, the better your page is gonna do.
  5. Show your Day. If there was anything you did today related to your company, share it. Like, if you did some charity work or your company employees had gone on a tour. This shows that you are human too which creates an understanding between you and your viewers.

Facebook and Instagram are the two biggest social media websites where you can advertise your services. Both have this function called boosting a post. Basically, you create a business page, you post and you boost that post. Boosting enables you to show your post to your targeted audience including people who aren’t following you, in the news feed as a sponsored post. The costing for boosting a post depends on the number of reaches you want to get and the number of days you want your posts to be sponsored.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is basically emailing your customers who have signed up for email subscription about special promotions, new blog posts and so on. It is a good way to generate leads, sales and gain trust from your customers.

With Email Marketing, you can generate intelligent marketing communication campaign. You can send automated emails to your subscribers. Imagine, you have a new product launching soon. You can send emails to a mass and see how many people clicked on the email and read it. Now you can resend the same emails to the people who didn’t click on it the first time and send a different mail to the people who did click on it, with a even more detailed information about your upcoming product and special offers.

Here are some small tips on email marketing that you should do.

  • Easy Subscription. Make it free and make it easy. You need to make it easy for the users to subscribe to your email and it shouldn’t take any sort of charge.
  • Short. Keep your emails short. You do not have to explain everything about your promotion or blog in your emails. Just let the readers know what it is about and link your web page related to it where they can find all the information in detail.
  • Standout Subject Line. Everyone knows this but a lot of people don’t use this. Make sure your readers know what you are trying to tell them about with just the subject.
  • Celebrate Holidays. Send emails to your subscribers wishing them a good holiday. For example, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on.
  • No Spamming. Do not send emails daily. Do not send a lot of emails at the same time. No one likes this and you might get blocked by the readers.


You can use email marketing tools to make Email Marketing a little easier. Some of the best email marketing tools are Drip, Constant Contact, Convertkit, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

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